Crotonese Ionian Coast

The Crotonese coast on the Ionian Sea is a very charming spot in Calabria. The Greek invaders landed here many centuries ago and founded the glorious city of Krothon, homeland of the philosopher Pythagoras. The magnificence of that age can be admired today through the ruins of temples and ancient buildings: Capo Colonna is one of the most representative places for the remains of the Doric Column of the temple dedicated to Hera Lacinia, facing the blue sea.
The scent and the flavours of Magna Graecia can still be tasted through the vintage Cirò D.O.C. Wine, given as a present to the athletes of the first Olympic Games.
Le Castella, near Crotone, is a stunning promontory surmounted by an imposing castle mirroring the sea and still preserving a suggestive Medieval atmosphere.

SANTA SEVERINA. Shaped like a big stone ship, lies on a tuff spur dominating the valley, between the mountains of Sila and the Ionian Sea. Walking through the narrow streets of this enchanted village is like going back to the past, in a period when time stopped… The imposing castle, the old Byzantine baptistery, the cathedral and the alleys crossing it are some of the elements that make its atmosphere magical.