Riviera dei Cedri and Diamante

The Riviera dei Cedri, facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, takes its name from the cultivation of the delicious citrus, used to prepare liqueurs, jams, candied fruits, tarts and many kind of deliciousness. The small villages scattered along the coastline rise on two different levels: the modern side (the so called marina) is by the sea, while the old town centre is on top of a hill or a mount. This dualism can be dated back to the time of the Saracen invasions, when the enemies coming from the sea, forced the local inhabitants to leave the coastline and take refuge in sheltered places. The watching towers were important defence devices too and today they adorn the landscape and mark it out. The romantic sunset offers unique colours and atmosphere, especially when the red sun dives in the blue Tyrrhenian Sea. San Nicola Arcella, Scalea, Belvedere, Cetraro, Guardia Piemontese are spots of this earthly paradise.

DIAMANTE. Diamante, whose name recalls the precious stone, is a real gem of the Riviera dei Cedri. It is an old fishermen’s village, rising on a spur sheer above the sea that became one of the most famous seaside resorts in Calabria and in the South of Italy with the passing of time. It is adorned by more than two hundred murals painted on the walls of its buildings, it is coloured by red hot chilly peppers hanging on the balconies and walls of its houses and it is scented by sweet-smelling citrus trees surrounding it.