Tropea and Pizzo Calabro

Tropea. It rises on a natural terrace facing the emerald sea that reflects the small islet with the charming church of Santa Maria dell’Isola, the symbol of Tropea all over the world. The myth and the legend tell that it was founded by Hercules, who stopped here on his way back from Spain, and that even Ulysses was attracted by the beauty of these shores in his wandering in the Mediterranean Sea. Today it is an important tourist resort, thanks to the famous beaches of Capo Vaticano and to the delicious gastronomy. The old town centre is crowded by visitors from all over the world, attracted also by the small shops run by the local inhabitants, where it is possible to buy typical products and the tasty red onion of Tropea.

PIZZO CALABRO . The old Pizzo is a perfect balance of myth and history. Myth emerges from the tale by Pliny the Elder, who maintained that Ulysses stopped here for a rest during his long journey started from Troy, whilst history is connected to the events of Joachim Murat, Napoleon’s brother-in-law. The castle, named after this heroic king, is still the most representative monument of the town.