Amalfi Coast

A coastal strip made of high cliffs, bays and inlets, set between the blue sea and sky, slopes marked by terraces in flower descending gradually and the intense scent of lemon flowers make the Amalfi Coast a earthly paradise. This is the land where the lemons blossom, where the ancient noble Romans used to spend their holidays in their charming villas and where every small village still preserves its own traditions and peculiarity.
Amalfi is the perfect centre, shaped like a big natural balcony lit by a dazzling sun and overlooking the sea. Positano has typical houses clinging to the rocks and is famous for its craftsman’s workshops, where leather shoes and multicoloured fabrics are produced. Ravello, the city of music, is an enchanted place where it is possible to taste silence and charm walking through its arcades. Choose one of these locations for a charming wedding! Whether a civil or a religious ceremony, it will be definitely special!